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Hello Substantial Living!  For those of you who know me, I’m a sucker for beautiful simple food, people and moments.  Substantial Living teaches you how to appreciate culinary art and relinquish any food-related apprehensions (I got people who hate vegetables to love them!), connect with others and practice the art of conversation, and experience food and spaces differently.   Here are a few shots from my successful Rumi event featuring my Eating with Meaning cuisine-seasonal whole foods made from scratch, honoring flavors from the East and the West.  Even our plates were beautiful, earthy, and compostable.  The roasted lamb tacos with lentils were a hit!  Salma Arastu’s Turning Rumi Paintings and book added to the perfect experience of the love that Rumi writes about in his poetry, the love that Salma paints with, and the love that I create food with.  Thank you all for coming, and thank you our lovely photographer, Adza, from Photo By Adza for capturing beautiful moments. Stay tuned for food styling, cooking lessons and more curated events! Contact Mahin if you would like to throw a private Substantial Living event.

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