Substantial Living

San Francisco

The Philosophy

What if you could change your life by just changing your experiences?

Neuroscience has proven that our thought patterns, our likes, dislikes and style are based on experiences that the brain has stored and shaped into the way we live. Our experiences are powerful and influence everything we do.

'Experience-design' combined with 'thinking design' is the most powerful way to permanently change the way your brain functions, to move towards living better, healthier, and happier.

Substantial Living is a experience design firm that can help change your innate thought processes, and intuitively create customized experiences to help you form an authentic connection with the simpler things in life: food, travel, style, and philanthropy.


How we we we respond and connect is influenced by our thinking and perceptive abilities.

Mahin Arastu can help change your innate thought processes, and intuitively create new customized experiences to connect authentically and respond positively to life. Her service packages, THINK BRILLIANTLY and LIVE BRILLIANTLY combine neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology in a unique way to help achieve your Substantial Living.


How to live brilliantly

Substantial Living is intelligent living. How can we design a new and more substantial lifestyle? By designing the necessary experiences to shape our lives with purpose - on purpose - and begin Living Substantially. Learn more about Mahin's methodology...


Experience the art of cuisine

How does food make you feel? Mahin Arastu can help us re-learn our associations with food and eating habits, and introduce our senses to new, different and unique food flavors and ingredients. Discover exciting culinary experiences with Mahin, read more.


Experience life-changing travel.

Journey's with Purpose - unique, philanthropic, one-of-a-kind customized trips to locations in the world where you are not only a traveler, but an investor and philanthropist. Become inspired through substantial travel...learn more.


Experience substantial style

Style reflects who you are, the choices you make, the life you want to live, and most importantly - your values. Create a more meaningful, affirmative life. Design your own unique Substantial Life Style.