Mom’s Life Style Bowl

Here’s a yummy healthy bowl of rice, my basil-coriander green lentils recipe on my blog, and my mom’s yogurt chickpea flour curry called kadhi in Indian, topped with cilantro, radishes and cucumber. My mom sends me weekly food because she knows how busy life can get. Today I wanted to give her a shoutout. I am so grateful to have made the move to SF, to see her and eat her Substantial food regularly, to be inspired by her recipes and sense of style, and to just have her in my life. No amount of money or success can replace a mom, I am blessed.  Part of living a Substantial life style, is having small little moments of gratitude like this one… XO

Luwak Coffee-A Travel Memoir

Nothing is more Substantial than the first morning cup of coffee, as everything awakens.  Today I treated myself to a cup of an infamous Kopi Luwak coffee that I brought back from Bali.

DSC_7027Luwak coffee is unique as it produced by coffee cherries that are eaten and defected by Asian civet.  Traditionally, coffee makers would forage in the forests and collect the defected coffee cherries and process them.  The process of natural digestion by the Asian civet is known to select and digest the cherries as to produce delicious coffee.  Crazy, right?  Nevertheless interesting story, and good memories for me.  Gotta love nature, another great reason to explore and experience the world.