Traveling the world unlocks the key to discovery of different lands, peoples, cultures, and most importantly ourselves…

And more so: it provides the opportunity to connect and relate to your money, yourself, and other people in a new more involved way… redefining philanthropy and the art of giving and receiving.

It has been stated by Evolutionary Theorists that ‘competition and the ruthlessness of natural selection are the basis of evolution.’ What they have failed to consider is a critical fact…humans could not have survived in nature without the charity and social reciprocity of a group” -Maia Szalavitz

Our basic human nature is in the act of helping, and that innate characteristic can be re-ignited through inspirational travel and philanthropy, instilling the essence of altruism in our daily life experiences.

Substantial Living offers Journey’s with Purpose

These are unique, philanthropic, one-of-a-kind customized experiences to locations in the world where you are not only a traveler, but an investor and philanthropist. A majority of your investment will be utilized to help grow and fund the NGO, as well as your own personal growth by “living” the experience.

Substantial Living Retreat to Bali, Indonesia, Coming 2016

Substantial Living offers a trip to the Amazon in Peru to help in meeting the mission of award-winning non-profit organization, Rainforest Flow. Mahin will design a travel experience that offers you a one-on-one interaction with award-winning founder Nancy Santullo and connect you with indigenous people and nature that will instill and create an inspirational effect on your life. This multi-dimensional opportunity provides a profound understanding of our relationship and connection with the world.

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Napa Bistro Don Giovanni

This weekend as I took a little trip up to Napa with my product to share with local restauranteurs and wineries, I had one of the loveliest meals in my life at Italian Bistro Don Giovanni.  Everything we had was just absolutely delicious and fresh, from the octopus salad, to olive oil focaccia, their infamous burger … Continue reading Napa Bistro Don Giovanni

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Middle Eastern Mujedra + Bolognese Indian Kheema: A Substantial Combo

Hello Substantial Living! Today I wanted to share a dish that is a fusion of three different cultures-Indian, Middle Eastern and Italian.  Starting with mujedra which is considered to be street food in the Middle Eastern cuisine.  Mujedra is made of brown lentils mixed with rice or bulgar wheat, topped with crispy fried onions, and a cucumber yogurt. … Continue reading Middle Eastern Mujedra + Bolognese Indian Kheema: A Substantial Combo

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Wanderlusting to the Easy Coast

Will miss this view,  but I am ready to wanderlust over to the East Coast and make my pilgrimage to my favorite fashion and food spots and of course see my favorite people and get some Substantial business done!  Hello Boston, NYC, LA!

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