Substantial Living Farewell Party Event

Hello Substantial Living!

Recently, I threw a Substantial Living event for a close friend as she begins a new chapter in her life.  It was a lovely party with goodies all made from her close friends and her mother-one of the things that made the party so special.  In addition, the photographs taken by her best friend, Monica, who is an amazing professional photographer, and you can catch a glimpse of some her photographs from the party on her blog.

A few thoughts about how I approach all of my interactions with my clients, especially when styling, coaching, and creating my events.  First, I approach everything from a soul place-it must have a feeling where I am connected in a mind, body, and soul in the most authentic manner to myself, my client, and the space.   The most important question I ask is what does the client value, and I create an experience that integrates that into a beautiful spaces, foods, musics, and conversation.  In this case, she valued people in her life. Her friends and family pitching in a meaningful way for different elements of the event, while I bring everything together in a soulful and beautiful event.

Second, Harmony is important styling element I look for, especially in this case, since different people were bringing different items to the table.   Styling the table, I mixed linens and parchment paper-they are both simple and have textures that create harmony on a reclaimed wood table (with tones of browns and grays).   Then styling the food on slate, walnut wood, Japanese porcelain and ceramic whites in manner that creates harmony with table, space, and food.  It’s important to think about harmony as a 3 dimensional axis; it brings everything to life.  Humans don’t see in 2 dimensions, so it’s important to not style in 2, but 3 dimensions.

Okay, that’s todays little tidbits on food styling!  Creating soulful events with harmony being one element, can lead to a beautiful evening.  The key is, to begin with the soul… Good Luck Kathryn!!  XO

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