New Product for Sale: Mixed Vegetable Pickle Achar

Hello Substantial Living!  So excited to share my first Substantial product is for sale!! The Way You Eat Reflects How You Live. Artisan Made, Independently Conceived and Designed, Connecting Our Home to Yours From The Lovely San Francisco, CA Bringing people together through deliciousness from the earth made with Love and Gratitude -Mahin.


Mixed Vegetable Pickled Achar. Homemade, Organic, Non-GMO, Sugar Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Raw, Ayurvedic Spices, No preservatives and simply DELIC.

$10 per 8oz bottle, $1 per bottle goes to charity. Awesome on deviled eggs, tacos, crostinis and lentils. I can ship directly to your home-great for presents and holidays-email me or contact me for orders until my website is updated for products! XO


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