My Anti-Bacterial Zen Bowl: Manuka Honey + Blueberries

Hello Substantial Living!

As the cold weather arrives, my brain is warmed with luxurious, yet simple foods.  Since breakfast is the most important meal of our day, I always like to start of my day with high quality foods, like Manuka Honey mixed in yogurt with a side of organic blueberries.


Manuka Honey is amazing and yes, quite pricy (although the best deal I found was at Trader Joes), and my favorite type of honey.  It’s so fragrant and the texture feels almost regal.  For a second I feel like I’m transported to some different part of our magical world.  Imported from New Zealand, from the bees that eat on Tree Tree Plant flowers, this honey has beautiful flavors and healing…


I also like to eat blueberries raw or slowly mix them into the yogurt.  It’s always a great cerebral experience to taste different flavors and textures on their own-rather than our often pre-mixed, in-a-hurry meals.  First, it makes us eat slower.  Scientifically, eating slower makes us eat less. It takes time for our food to digest and for our brains to signal that we are ‘full’.  Second, it makes us enjoy the experience, and maybe for short time in our busy days, we have meditation in eating, and appreciation of nature.



  • Manuka Honey has anti-bacterial properties
  • In a study conducted by the University of Sydney killed nearly every types of bacteria it was exposed to.
  • In 2004 Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) licensed the use of medical grade manuka honey as a wound dressing, confirming what the indigenous people of NZ have long known – that manuka honey is a product with some seemingly miraculous properties. So cool!
  • Manuka honey has been found to be effective against a range of bacteria including Helicobacter pylori (which causes most stomach ulcers); Escherichia coli (the most common cause of infected wounds) and Streptococcus pyogenes (which causes sore throats).
  • Manuka honey is antimicrobial and antiviral. It is also an antioxidant that can help to increase vitality and immunity.



  • As always, loving my hand crafted Japanese bowls
  • My new plates from Pottery Barn, that are great for picnics, used casually as trays, for children, or even to put your vases or candles on.  Great for all seasons.

So with flu and cold season in the air, treat yourself to a little, luxurious bowl of healing and a treat for your senses.  XO

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