L’Atelier du Chocolate and My Sister

With flavors like rose, ylang ylang and Peruvian sea salt, the L’Atelier du Chocolates in NYC warmed my heart.  What’s more exciting was that my sister had them waiting for me as a welcome gift on my bed as we spend a couple of weeks together, preparing for her new baby.  My first Substantial Living bicoastal baby shower event.  How exciting!


As we get so caught up in our lives, we forget to spend some time with our loved ones.  My next couple of weeks are spending time with my sister.  I am usually so busy pursuing my business that when she asked me to throw her a Substantial Living baby shower, I though this might be the last time I get to spend time with her before our lives and relationship changes forever…a new Arastu is born.  I thought, why not take this opportunity to spend some quality time with my sister and see what her experience is like, and just to do simple things like cook, shop, and baby talk.

After all, our personal lives, careers, and all-that-jazz continues on, but as I get older, my definition of mitigating risk has changed.  Life is short.  Create memorable experiences and appreciate your siblings, after all, when all is said and done, money is money, fame is fame.  Tomorrow if your Fortune 100 company decides you’re not part of their new business plan, you go from being a valued employee to a number and let go.  Substantial experiences stay forever.  Make the effort.  XO

Love you NYC and feel free to contact me to create a special food experience in your home.

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One thought on “L’Atelier du Chocolate and My Sister”

  1. Loving this post! I should be thanking you for EVERYTHING you have done for me these past couple of days. There is nothing better in life than spending time with a sister who laughs with you, enjoys the simple things in life, is positive and most importantly always has a plate of delicious substantial food prepared for you at any hour upon request regardless of your dietary needs. Thank you for showering me with love always!

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