“Style is an authentic reflection of your values… it’s what connects your memory or experience to the way you express yourself. It’s not only important what you convey, but how that matters.”-Mahin Arastu

Substantial Living – a new life STYLE

Style, whether in fashion, art, interior design or even music can be adapted into your life through newly designed experiences. You can open up your minds to appreciate more than what you have experienced in the past, by creating new experiences that reflect a new interpretation of beauty. Whether it is revealed in the design or artistry of a minute fashion detail, the superior quality of craftsmanship, or the importance of a sustainable ecosystem… you will discover a more significant way to live.

Mahin will create customized style experiences that will enable you to make choices that signify who you are and the life you want to live.

Design your Substantial Style…

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Mom’s Life Style Bowl

Here’s a yummy healthy bowl of rice, my basil-coriander green lentils recipe on my blog, and my mom’s yogurt chickpea flour curry called kadhi in Indian, topped with cilantro, radishes and cucumber. My mom sends me weekly food because she knows how busy life can get. Today I wanted to give her a shoutout. I … Continue reading Mom’s Life Style Bowl

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Substantial Living Oakland Loft ReDesign for the Mind

Hello Substantial Living, We are excited to share a peak at our design team’s latest “before” the ReDesign project in Oakland, CA.  This gorgeous loft belongs to our client, woman co-founder of a San Francisco startup.   I believe that a home should be your temple-a place to feel relaxed, spiritual, loved and completely aligned with your values. … Continue reading Substantial Living Oakland Loft ReDesign for the Mind

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Substantial Thanksgiving with Personalized Gratitude Cards

Hi Substantial Living! I love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday because it brings people together regardless of religion, ethnicity, status, for one simple reason…gratitude… through eating together. . When I think about how to create the perfect experience, I keep in mind the word “gratitude” and how it can be incorporated into the whole … Continue reading Substantial Thanksgiving with Personalized Gratitude Cards

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