Design Spoons from the Borneo Rainforest

Hello Substantial Living,

As we all know, tools are key in the kitchen and well just about anywhere else they are needed!  They matter a lot more than we give them credit for-and I think they can make or break an experience.  Last year I went on a trip to the island of Borneo, Malaysia and spent a week in one of the oldest rainforests in the world (yes, the kind of place that the National Geographic crew are spotted!)  While I was smitten by the beauty of nature and wildlife-detached from all sense of the modern-day world seeing the famous Pygmy elephants-my eye is always drawn towards beautiful design.

I found these small wooden spoons with birds on the handle (since Borneo has amazing bird-watching) that I thought would be perfect for scooping out spices.  I recently started using them to scoop out my LONGEVITY and LIFE Indian spicy spreads and people wanted to buy them as well!  Um…no!

So here’s a shout-out to Borneo and the nature there to inspire me to find these beautiful spoons.  The spoons always lead to conversations about nature, traveling, the ultimate experience of connecting with something bigger than us.  Specifically I would mention these spoons were made by indigenous people in the region of Sabah, Borneo.  Thank you Sabah, for connecting us with your beauty all the way to San Francisco, we love them!

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