The way you eat, reflects the way you live…

In today’s world, food has become an unappreciated necessity of life, serving as either a coping mechanism or a reflection of our stressful environment. Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices have led to obesity in 2 of 3 adults, and according to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million children and adults have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Even when dining out, are we really appreciating the cuisine and all of its flavors and ingredients? Not really….dining has essentially become “eating without meaning.”

Our brain’s signals and pathways respond to what we eat and how it makes us feel; and in turn, how we feel and think affects how and what we eat. Though we can’t actually break this inherent cycle, Substantial Living can influence these patterns by introducing new and positive perspectives on various cuisines and cultural flavors. Changing the way we eat, cook and entertain can develop into valuable ingrained experiences.

Design your Culinary Experience.

Mahin helps to distill your current food values and design new learned experiences, where eating becomes a sumptuous and memorable dining experience. She presents new and exciting Eastern cuisine and flavors and history, savory spices and dishes mixed with Western ideas. Substantial Living will teach you how to appreciate culinary art and relinquish any food-related apprehensions, connect with others and practice the art of conversation, and experience food and spaces differently. These discoveries will open up a new world, where cooking and entertaining, along with pleasurable and enlightening restaurant dining, will become a part of your substantial lifestyle.

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My Green Veggie Power Toast

Hello Substantial Living! As I’m coming off the weekend with new brunch ideas and having eating delicious lunch in Napa at Bistro Don Giovanni, my latest creation is a bombardment of green veggies on a fresh piece of bread.  Imagine a powered version of the always-loved (but often over-priced!) avocado toast with roasted asparagus, scallions, persian … Continue reading My Green Veggie Power Toast

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A Spicy Anchovy Substantial Spaghetti Recipe for a Happy Heart + Brain

Hello Substantial Living! I know the first thing most of you are thinking is “ way!”  Anchovies are small, salt water, foraging fish with more than 100 different species spread across the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.  While I understand that anchovies do have a characteristic strong flavor and smell, if you chop them up … Continue reading A Spicy Anchovy Substantial Spaghetti Recipe for a Happy Heart + Brain

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Breaking Bread Heals

Hi Substantial Living, In the past few frustrating days, I bring myself back to the simplest thing that connects all people together-the reason I started Substantial Living-making and breaking bread literally and metaphorically.  In dealing with coming up with ways to make a dent in the world through the injustice, it makes me work and … Continue reading Breaking Bread Heals

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