A Substantial Living Public Event: Rumi, Art, Food, Soul and Philanthropy October 10, 2015

Hello Substantial Living!

I’m excited to announce my first public Substantial Living event coming Saturday, October 10, 2015, 6pm to 9pm, $45.00 per person in Russian Hill, San Francisco overlooking the gorgeous city. You are invited to a lovely, curated Substantial Living event honoring Universal Connectedness through art, food and Rumi.

We will be featuring artist Salma Arastu, and her paintings and poetry series on the beloved historical mystic poet, Rumi.   She’s an incredible person, painter and creates moving abstract paintings with the flow of a line.  The art will be handpicked and displayed at the event in a home in Russian Hill, San Francisco, just like some of my favorite museums such as the Frick Collection in NYC and the Isabella Stewart Gardern Museum in Boston.  I believe that art can have a positive impact when featured through the energy and soul of a person’s home.  In this case, mine.

In addition, I will be showcasing my “Eating with Meaning” tapas, featuring the Substantial Living food philosophy, local and organic venders, recipes, and of course, my international, culinary cuisine featuring delicious foods made with whole foods, colors, nature, and of course, exotic flavors!  From Cow Girl creamery to Indian lamb tacos to growers champagne to house made pickled vegetables.  There will be plenty of food, drinks, and art for everyone!

Lastly, as part of the Substantial Living “Live with purpose on purpose” a percentage of all profits are donated to a cause.  To honor my mother who has been a big proponent of philanthropy for orphan children, a percentage of all profits from this event will be donated to the Ninos Del Sol Children’s Home in the Sacred Valley, Peru.  I visited and stayed with them for a few days while I was an Ananda Foundation volunteer years ago, and the lifestyle they have created for orphan children through education, love, and healing is absolutely incredible and inspirational.

Casa de milagros peru

So there you go!  Contact Mahin if you are interested in the event to purchase a ticket and for address details.  This is a small event to create the perfect experience, so the number of tickets are limited.  I hope to see you there! XO




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