A Substantial Half Moon Bay Experience

As this last year wrapped up, one of my best friends gifted me a travel experience-since I am the experience junkie.  It was such a meaningful trip-where I got to connect with one of my oldest friends, in an amazing place, the Half Moon Bay Ritz.  What a fabulous idea!!


From our room window.




Donald Trump was at the head of the table for a private party.IMG_5698
Amazing fire pits on the ocean.

It’s literally a short escape from San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway in Half Moon Bay.  A gorgeous building shining on the cliffs of the California coast with amazing views, spas, food, and fire pits.  I loved the healing mineral bath, a farm to table restaurant (with one of the best short ribs I’ve ever had), in the middle of nature and super nice staff and service.



While my friend is a very busy wife, mom and physician, I really appreciated her taking some time off from her life commitments and celebrating us.  While it make not have a long trip, far away to some ancient land-it doesn’t need to be, meaningful experiences can be in your backyard if done right (or on your dinner table).  It doesn’t take much to find nature in California, and some relaxing spots to connect and nourish.  So the next time you want to do something special, forget buying a product – gift an experience and make the commitment to connect and make meaningful memories.  I would go to this place again in a heartbeat.  XO


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