A Substantial Baby Shower in NYC

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I recently curated a Substantial Living Baby Shower, themed, Baby’s Breath, which I designed with my cousin, for my little sister in the heart of the Upper West Side in NYC.   Babies are a form a new life, continuing the circle of nature, creation, science, and connection.  I wanted this to be a wintery, dreamy, and nature-inspired event for that reason.  It was a blast, to be able to bring a part of my business to life and to experience it close to home, with my family.  My events are about creating meaningful experiences using nature, neuroscience, and beauty-from the food to the decor to the entertainment.  In this case, I used most of the clients’ dishes and accessories, and styled and designed the rest.  We picked out a theme together, and then put our ideas on the table.  A few of the things were bought as part of our theme.   Most of the food was made from scratch, and the others were ordered from our favorite NYC food spots-everything natural, organic, and from the mother earth.   It was so much fun because I got to work with my cousin-who I normally don’t see (because she’s a hot shot NYC lawyer, professor and mama, writing articles for the Washington Post and so much more!).  But, that’s what I love about what I do.  No matter who you are, what you’ve achieved …we connect on a different experience.  A human experience over creating something we can all relate to.  The pictures will give you a taste of some our products, venders, and Substantial design. Enjoy!!

Isn’t my sister gorgeous??  



The most divine and my FAVORITE macaron cake on the planet.  The Laduree “isfahan” cake made with real rose petals, raspberries and lychee.  Thank you Laduree NYC.


French Triple Cream Brie with radishes, chives, and fennel.


Having some fun with my co-host cousin with our handmade baby’s breath fresh flower wreath.  After its decorative appearance, it became a portable photo booth for all the friends!


Homemade falafel and falafel-crab sliders with harissa aioli


Our favorite mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa NYC.  YUM, and perfect to eat one or two and not feel guilty.  When Melissa was fired from her job in advertising in 2008, she decided from that moment on she would do what she loved, and in 2009 opened the first Baked by Melissa shop in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Big Substantial support for this story.


Homemade organic lamb meatballs made with burmese chili, coriander, kalamata olives,  mint, and feta braised in a tomato-onion sauce.


“Milk + Cookies” in chalkboard named mason jars + parchment wrapped cookies.  This was SO cute!!


No party can go without my raw color vegetable medley.   Earth must be involved in the rawest form!


Fresh homemade bread, avocado, EVOO, fleur de sel, and chipotle chili crostinis.


Our awesome drink bar.  Stocked with au natural lemon and elderflower infused sparkling water.  Thank you Found , I’m glad we found you.  I don’t drink juice (too much sugar), and soda is poison and torture for our stomach.  Yes, huge statement but it’s true, but this sparkling water was awesome.  Again, nature rules.


Our handmade little rabbit towel art favors.  My favorite washcloth for the gym 🙂  Cute, but practical.


My favorite design aspect was the helium balloons wrapped in tulle tied with babies breath hanging from the ceiling…A gorgeous room with great energy.

Full Room Pic

Love my sister.  Best of luck, love and wishes for the new Arastu addition…XO


Contact Mahin to plan your next Substantial Event-whether San Francisco, NYC or Boston!  Substantial Living is now bicoastal-YAY!!

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