4 Substantial Tips about Love

As we approach the much-anticipated or much-dreaded Valentine’s Day, our Substantial advice to you is to take it as an opportunity to re-evalute your self; specifically love and respect for yourself.  Are you being kind to your body?  Your mind?  Your eyes?  What are ways you can start thinking more positively or eating healthier and with greater appreciation?

Here are our 4 top Love tips for Valentine’s Day 2017:

1.)  For the Body: Cutting or reducing your soda intake.   I personally gave up soda years ago, because it truly is toxic for your body.  Why?  The Sugar! – A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially in liquid form, skyrockets the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in the body. Over time, this can lead to diabetes or insulin resistance, not to mention weight gain and other health problems. Soft drink companies are the largest users of sugar in the country.  Diabetes and heart disease are the leading causes of death in the US.  SO people, if you really love yourself, your mind WILL get used to life without soda.  If you are addicted to it, put the effort and wean yourself off of it. Start with flavored sparkling juices and them switch over to sparkling flavored water until the sugar content doesn’t bother you.  Here’s my favorite substitute below, Found Sparkling water.

2.) For the Eyes:  Beautiful design is such an important factor for our brains!  Our visual brain area (called visual cortex) makes up a large portion of our brain.  We like pretty things-it’s hardwired into our brain makeup.  So…treat yourself to a pretty plate or a glass-something you use everyday that will make your eating experience better and more appreciative.  Your eyes and mind will thank you!  Our Substantial Living Shop has very pretty glasses and walnut cheese boards I highly recommend-and today is the last day for 20% discount for non-members, and 25% for members!

3.)  For the Mind:  “Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food”.-Ratan Tata  Eat whole foods and try to make your food yourself as much as you can.  The Mediterranean diet is really great for memory strengthening and the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  Let’s start with a simple homemade hummus recipe here…Homemade hummus tastes a MILLION times better than store bought!

4.)  For the Heart:  “The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he will find one reason to hold on.”  This is true for friends, lovers, and just people in general.  Surround yourself with people that bring good energy into your life and that share your values.  Life is too short to not honor your values and live by them.


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