3 Substantial Tips for 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Always a great time to reflect on how to make this year the best year ever.  On most years, I fall into the typical ‘more gym’,  healthier eating, etc, but this year, I’m planning on focusing on different things.

  1. Work-Life Balance:  

Accepting the fact that we can’t do everything, be everything, and it’s OKAY to eat those occasional french fries and aioli.  The New Year always brings a sense of hope and enthusiasm for change, but we have a tendency to go to the other end of the spectrum with trend diets and workouts and not pace ourselves…resulting in the predictable burn-out.  I for one, am an expert at being so hard on myself and pushing myself too fast, too soon.  So this year, I’m going to make an extra effort to live a more balanced life.  Being an entrepreneur, I work all the time, and because I love what I do, I forget to take breaks, until I hit complete exhaustion paralysis.  Moreover, I don’t allow myself the kind of breaks that I used to in my corporate job because I feel like I need to get to a certain place before I “deserve” that break or that massage or whatever.  As I’m getting older, I’m learning that life balance really means acceptance of life’s situations, yourself and others around you, acceptance with love and kindness to oneself.  Having the wisdom to know that there are some things we can change and some that we cannot.  All of this is a mental see-saw.  Moreover, the grass is always greener on the other side for EVERY human being.  That person who we admire for their perfect workout ethic-the one we beat ourselves up for-has something else that they struggle with.  Nothing is perfect.  Nothing is in conventional terms, that is.  But really it all is, if we start being easier on ourselves.  For example, it’s okay if I didn’t make it to the gym today.  It’s okay if I slept in a little.  It’s okay that I didn’t finish my “to-do” list and decided to spend the next couple of hours watching Netflix.  So 2017, I ask your guidance in finding more balance and acceptance.

2.  Make More Food from Scratch

Now you may say, “I don’t have time”.  I challenge that because I hear it ALL the time from people and they blame their careers, children, etc. and I say, make time because it will SAVE your LIFE.  I assure you I know what having little time means, but making your own food has too many positive health effects-mental and physical to ignore.  The current American health crisis of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness stems largely from our eating habits-which are controlled by the agriculture industry, which initially was formed because of the industrial revolution.  It is not our fault that we don’t know all these details, unless we research deeply and study history and politics.  There is almost no way to escape processed foods, except for making as much food from scratch as we can.  For example, the other day, I made simple oven fries with olive oil and aioli.  Let’s talk about how to make aioli (which is essentially fresh Mayonnaise).  1 cup olive oil blended into a raw egg and garlic.  It takes about 3 minutes to make it.  Now take a look at the back of your Mayonnaise bottle and see the ingredients. They are a lot more ingredients or chemicals than olive oil, eggs and garlic.  Coming from a decade’s worth of career in pharmaceuticals, I understand chemistry and what it does to your brain.  So I hope to inspire you to maybe watch one hour less of TV once or twice a week, and perhaps make a very simple meal, but make it yourself. Oh- and as for making the aioli, when you see 1 cup of olive oil (which is A  LOT) mixed in an egg, your brain automatically eats less.  Making food from scratch also raises our consciousness of ingredients and proportions.  I am going to do my  best and try to release as many healthy, delicious global recipes for everyone to try!  You can also sign up to cook with me one-on-one if you want to experience the EASINESS of making healthy global recipes here

Cook with Mahin

3.  Wellness Oils from Nature 

You’re probably wondering what this means.  In the past year or so, I have become so interested in natural oils and their healing benefits.  As the world offers more substitutes for nature to benefit business and economy at the cost of our health, I have a pushback for being completely reliant on artificial fixes.  In California, plastic surgery is the norm-and yes, Botox is still ‘plastic’-snake venom injected in our face because we are afraid of aging and looking different?  I can understand the use of Botox if it was a cure to cancer, but unfortunately it pops up as the first option for many people.  It so quickly becomes the norm and  a slippery slope from there-I’ve seen it!    I am a proponent of using pure oils instead, as well as in my diet.  Argan oil is still my everyday face oil, hair oil, and even in my food.  No more fancy $150 lotions and face creams.  Does argan oil erase the wrinkles fully? No.  But as a scientist, I know that nature designs the ultimate cure, the best systems, and is MUCH more advanced than us humans ever will be.  It also teaches us true, sustainable beauty on the inside and outside.  I use nature to guide my thinking, my values, my inspiration and my lifestyle.  While natural oil products may cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and aid in longevity, it also teaches me to accept my aging, the changes, and to really appreciate the moments more and worry less, and enjoy what is.  I find the people that have artificial beauty work done worry a lot more about what others think, the cars they drive, the house, the image.  None of which is sustainable for a Substantial life because all of that is external, not internal.  So try something new, and start using natural oils for beauty on the inside and outside…and substitute the changes we experience in aging for more internal beauty and realizing that everything changes, so we might as well do our best to appreciate every moment Substantially.


Peace + Blessings for a Substantial New Year from San Francisco!!!



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