2016 is all about LOVING your Space through Intelligent Food Experiences

Hello Substantial Living!

As we roll into an awesome 2016, I am SO excited to share that Substantial Living is going to focus exclusively on intelligent food experiences.  As a lifestyle experience curator, food is one of the best vehicles to connect.  Why?  We all have to eat, multiple times a day!  I have one simple goal-to connect people together through food using beauty, nature and neuroscience.  Our team infuses neuroscience principles with nature, beauty and nutrition to create a Substantially connected  experience so you LOVE your space and create meaningful memories in it and with others.  As I worked with clients last year, I learned that in the fast-paced world we live in, everyone eats out all the time (including myself).  We hesitate having people in our homes, our spaces, because we ourselves do not know how to connect to our spaces, because the lack of time and frankly, it’s intimidating and our culture does not support it.   Is my place nice enough-will my friends be comfortable?  Am I a great cook?  How do I have meaningful conversation?  What enables me being a good host?  My design sense is non-existent?

Our team at Substantial Living  curates and teaches people how to create beautiful, yet smart food experiences to help people LOVE their space to fill these voids.  Whether you live in a studio apartment or a 4 bedroom house-it doesn’t matter, your space is your home.  When you LOVE your space,  you show off your authentic self and that is how to scientifically and genuinely connect with other people and your home.  I always say your home should be your temple, a sacred space that you relax in, that reflects your values.  A place that you love to share and experience with others-it’s a part of who you are.  This doesn’t have to be hard, you don’t have to be a professional chef or interior designer, you just have to be able to think and relate to your belongings and space a little differently.  That’s the experience our creative team at Substantial Living helps you do.

Our food is delicious and international, but approachable-often highlighting holistic and Ayurvedic nutritional properties, along with using color, textures and fragrance (our brain really likes those things).  Focusing and appreciating  simplicity is our theme.  In most cases, we use all of your belongings and present them to you over a beautiful dinner table.  I’ve often had clients been able to repeat our recipes and be able to recreate the experience on their own-which is the point.  I’ve also gotten clients who dislike vegetables to eat a mainly vegetarian meal with joy (that one really made me happy)!  Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@mahinarastu) to get your daily dose of what Intelligent Eating means to us.

Whether custom in-home dinners, DYI styling workshops, cooking classes or a full fledge dinner experience, where you show up to your own home as a guest with a new appreciation and connection, we offer a wide range of services packages that suits your needs and budget.   We also makes suggestions and sell some curated lifestyle products if you would like to deepen your Substantial style and add to your food experience.


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